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Project Description

I was recently interviewed by Tech Company News on the evolution of ConversionPoint Technologies, here is an excerpt from the interview:


Q: How did ConversionPoint start?

A: We began this journey because we saw a gap. The myriad of e-Commerce solution providers out there only serve up a slice or two of the “lifecycle pie” in terms of what’s truly needed to help brands, advertisers and retailers sell successfully online.

ConversionPoint was born out of a vision shared by a group of successful eMarketers and eTechnologists who believed they had the answer. As we saw more and more success for our own campaigns, brands began coming to us to help do the same for them. As 2017 progressed we shifted our focus to begin building SaaS integrations for brands to use our services to sell on all three channels: direct (.com), online retailers (Walmart, Costco, etc.) and on Amazon.

Q: Could you explain the most prominent advantages of your AI-enabled media optimization, CRM, and robust post-purchase modules?

A: On the direct sales side (a brand’s own .com site) with real-time tracking, reporting and analysis, our AI-enabled media optimization platform is an intelligent framework for online advertising. Users can control, adapt, optimize and profit with this signature offering for web publishers and advertisers. It’s a turnkey product that makes it easier than ever to rotate content and pages to maximize performance and revenues.

Our comprehensive shipping and distribution platform, BlueDrone, combines product transport, inventory tracking and sales channel management in one elegant engine. With 50k feet of warehouse space for storage, fully integrated APIs from the top Internet sales channels, and a user-friendly interface for administration, BlueDrone is a cutting-edge, all-encompassing shipping solution for companies of any size.

For brands, advertisers and agencies wanting to sell their products on the online retailer or Amazon platforms we amazing technology through our company, Sellpoints. We have partnerships with major eCommerce sites gain access to premier technology solutions and programs, which seamlessly integrate onto their sites.

Read the interview in its entirety at Tech Company News.

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