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Robert Tallack is the Chief Executive Officer of ConversionPoint Technologies, Inc. — the product of the merger of two successful eCommerce technology companies that empowers direct-to-consumer marketing.

While at the helm of ConversionPoint Technologies, Robert Tallack has led unprecedented growth for the company of 600% in 2016. The Company is slated to meet $60 million in sales for calendar year 2017, and the company continues to push forward both in sales and technology development at an aggressive pace. Robert brings a unique mix of experience and discipline to the ConversionPoint Technologies team. As a seasoned MMA professional fighter and pioneer of the sport in Canada, Robert earned three World Championship and nine Canadian National Championship titles.

Nearly a decade ago, Robert Tallack successfully made the transition to the corporate world as the CEO of Revive Bioscience. At Revive Bioscience, he led the charge with developing and marketing medically proven, all natural pain relief products in partnership with leading consumer brands and direct marketing organizations. That company was purchased by a publicly traded pharmaceutical company for a successful exit.

With his experience in consumer marketing, Robert Tallack focused next on a digital media firm with expertise in direct-to-consumer marketing of health, wellness and beauty products. As CEO of Branded Response, proprietary methodology and technology was harnessed to sell billions of dollars of products directly to consumers. The proprietary marketing blend at Branded Response allowed for launch, management, optimization and profit for each product campaign it touched.

Robert saw an opportunity for another growth leap in the direct to consumer marketing area with the addition of Push Interactive to form what is now ConversionPoint Technologies, Inc. With the massive growth in 2016, he began looking outward to take what they had accomplished in the direct to consumer arena to apply in a full-suite eCommerce marketing platform. This is what ConversionPoint Technologies is doing today, utilizing machine learning to optimize advertising purchases and lower customer acquisition costs, and a customer relationship management system that provides an exceptional payment processing and customer data management platform.

Robert Tallack credits his entrepreneurial success with one particular life lesson he learned from his athletic career – discipline. As he says, “In order to be successful, you have to put in the hard work. Even when you don’t want to, knowing the long-term pay-off will be there.”